Latin American Council of Social Sciences


A large collection of material and databases pertaining to a wide social science research network in Spanish and Portuguese, well organized in several sections (the virtual library has more than 10,600 full-text documents) and generally up-to-date


Content from several databases of 168 social science research institutions in Spanish and Portuguese; just the library hosts a networked collection of more than 10,600 full-text documents (some also in English)


Material is well organized in various sections (Virtual library, magazines, research projects, multimedia, etc.) with easy access to each area

Information density

Each section provides a great variety of content, often well-packed although not always easy to navigate

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering specifically social science issues in Latin and Central America, this website has plenty of useful material related to local political matters as well

Updating Rate

Generally up-to-date, with particular attention to the virtual library (175 new text added only in May 2009),