The Sciences-Po Library


An impressive amount of high-quality resources in different formats is available online and coexists with a librarian traditional approach in one of the largest European PS libraries. The major repositories show a good updating rate


This is the library website of the Institute Etudes Politiques (IEP) of Paris, known as "Sciences-Po." It is associated with the French National Library and the National Education Ministry


Records are stored in several complex datasets (both off- and on-line). The online items are organized in integrated archives and different formats, although they are mostly easily retrievable

Information density

Catalogues, databases and electronic resources are extremely rich and are archived in a complex, traditional, librarian structure. This library contains an impressive amount of records, most of them already available online, being the digitalization process in progress

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Being the website of one of the largest European PS-related library, the Sciences-Po website is entirely focused on social science and scholarly data/info

Updating Rate

The main catalogues are regularly updated with new resources, with an average of 2 weeks time