The website collects examples of well-defined eGovernment case studies to support the sustainable transfer of good practices and learning experiences. The material is various and rich-in-content. It is also well organized and frequently updated.


The core element of the ePractice website is a rich database whose content is provided by users themselves. A supervisor reviews all the information published by members


The database offers a complete evaluation of each case studies. A ePractice statistics scheme - which appears on the right hand side of each page ? provides also an immediate overview of the website contents: number of news, cases, documents, links

Information density

This website is a rich source of information on national e-government programs. Users can read and download abstracts, case profiles and full-text descriptions. They can also find updated publications and documents on e-governments such as the national reports or benchmarking analyses

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The main focus of this website is electronic government. The published material can be interesting to those involved in e-government studies, focusing on public administration changes through new technologies

Updating Rate

Contents are frequently updated thanks to the regular contributes of users, which can add information by themselves, mainly news and events