The website offers an overview on the European cities integration and policy sharing. The network of EU cities is active across a wide range of policy areas, such as the e-government and e-citizenship projects.


This is a public-private partnership to improve the dialogue between European institutions and share best practices at the local level. The website is managed by experts with support of local authorities officers


The website offers a large series of basic information. Position papers and research reports, sometimes in French too, are available in full-text

Information density

According to the mission of the website the material provided is the result of research projects promoted by the Eurocities group. The group is involved in a number of European projects like the E-Citizenship For All initiative created to enhance the level of e-government and e-citizenship implementation across the European Union

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Political issues, public administration changes and Information Society policy are the main focus of this website

Updating Rate

The website is periodically updated. The Calendar section provides last updates about events and publications