Center for Democracy & Technology


The website of the Center for Democracy and Technology is maintained with the support of individuals and non-governmental organizations. All material is clearly organized and structured, informative and frequently updated.


Contents are selected by professionals and experts in law, technology, and policy from non-governmental organizations


Information is organized in categories under headings like: Legislative center, Policy Briefs, Reports and Articles, Issues. Each category gathers a structured number of materials with comments and related links

Information density

The website collects a very large and helpful range of information especially on policy and security issues, freedom of expression, governance and open government. Users can also find useful information on ongoing actions like those to protect individual political advocacy on the internet or to balance the surveillance powers of the Patriot Act

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The website represents a large source of updated information for policy makers, press, industry representatives, researchers, and others interested in legal and policy issues affecting the Internet

Updating Rate

The Center's databases and material are weekly updated providing periodical news and briefs on latest public policy issues affecting civil liberties online