The Center for Technology in Government


CGT's goals are carried out through applied research in the public sector. Material is rich-in-content and available in full-text although not frequently updated. Content selection is operated by scholars representing a broad range of disciplines.


Projects depend on ongoing partnerships with government agencies, technology companies, nonprofit and international organizations. Content selection is operated by scholars and fellows which represent a broad range of academic disciplines and expertise


The website collects a large amount of projects, reports, working papers, journal articles and conference papers. Each content list can be sorted by year, topic, category or alphabetically. Each publication or project is provided with a short abstract, a longer summary and is fully available in pdf format

Information density

Current projects are presented in details with information about goals, parterns, etc. 80 different publications, practical guides, research reports and working papers as well as an annual report are available

Content Pertinence to Political Science

CTG main focus is on policy analysis and public administration reform

Updating Rate

Updating is related to project timing, in general twice a year