This e-gov- and ICT-focused website provides in-depth material on the implementation of innovative projects with a special focus on developing countries.


InfoDev is an international consortium supported by the World Bank. Its mission is to help developing countries in introducing and using ICTs. Content selection and research reports are made by InfoDev consultants


Publications by Infodev-World Bank are available in full-text format as pdf files. Each publication is also carefully abstracted

Information density

The website offers a large amout of information, mostly produced by Infodev consultants

Content Pertinence to Political Science

PS pertinence is related to the technological aspects of development policies. In fact, the website is structured around three main topics: Mainstreaming ICTs, Enabling Access For All and Scaling Up ICTs

Updating Rate

The webpages are updated mainly in relation to conferences and meetings as well as publication of research drafts