Government Innovators Network


The website is maintained by several enterprises and organizations. It collects a good amount of updated material on specific topics concerning democracy, government and its innovation. Records are organized by topic in categories and archives.


The Government Innovators Network is developed at the Ash Institute in cooperation with the JFK School of Government at Harvard. The initiative is maintained by enterprises and other organizations such us the Ford Foundation and Unpan


Information is structured in thematic sections, each of them organized in categories and subcategories, with related documents and news. Records are provided in several formats, included multimedia files, and lists of related topics are also offered

Information density

The website offers a rich number of information and documents, as well as news, descriptions of award-winning programs, and data on events related to innovation in specific areas of interest

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Political scientist can find useful information, reports, papers and other material on government innovation and related topics

Updating Rate

GIN webpages are frequently updated. Users can find info on conferences and meetings as well as last news on specific issues