First Search


FirstSearch conglomerates a huge amount of information, offering effective results that can be easily integrated in the current library resources of any subscribing entity. Its reference service has a worldwide reach with little redundancy.


FirstSearch is a powerful reference service developed by the Online Computer Library Center, a worldwide network of libraries


Information data are well organized and presented throughout the website, allowing for a quick understanding of any service available. Various information's layers are available, from basic infos to full-text

Information density

FirstSearch covers databases and articles from both institutional and private sources (from Media Review Digest to Social Sciences Index to World Amanac), easily integrating them into the user's current library resources. 9,000 full-text journals are also available

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Among the many million items searched, several resources are devoted to Political and Social Sciences, including worldwide abstracts, reviews and indexes

Updating Rate

This site appears to be updated quite regularly, also considering the different necessities and levels of its many searching areas