International Institute for Communication and Development


The IICD assists developing countries in their policy learning activities associated with ICT development by co-financing and sponsoring research projects. Materials on ICT issues are rich-in-text, well argued and periodically updated.


The International Institute for Communication and Development is an independent non-profit foundation whose staff consists of a large partnership of public and private organizations and members from nine countries. Each country and/or project has its own program manager


This site offers basic information on country programs and thematic networks. Each category is rich-in-text, described and commented. Country programs and projects are listed by country and theme, clearly explained and provided with links to last news on each issue

Information density

The website is a very rich collection of all sort of information about selected countries. Through iConnect initiative the website also collects a large amount of articles, issue papers, and successful stories

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Material is strictly focused on ICT for development. PS pertinence is related to policy issues and political aspects of ICT

Updating Rate

Information about conference, speeches or interview are periodically updated. Instead research reports are updated almost every year. The ?events? section shows a calendar with last schedules