Hyperpolitics is a methodology for PS concept development in the web environment. It aims at combining access to a large variety of online sources with strict control over the logical argument.


Hyperpolitics is a joint project promoted by Mauro Calise and Theodore Lowi presented at various International Conferences. Content has been selected and produced by a small but professional editorial staff


This software platform presents various information layers, each one strictly connected to a conceptual matrix. Definitions of each concepts, bibliografical references, conceptual maps and online selected sources are available while - for some reasons - only three Lowi and Calise's full-text descriptions are available

Information density

A good amount of information is provided consisting of concept descriptions and English summaries of each definitions of the key words selected from the most comprehensive PS dictionaries in the world

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Hyperpolitics is dedicated to the study of political concepts. Political scientist can find here a new approach to theory production

Updating Rate

The website is updated depending on the research timing and its use as learning laboratory and teaching support