Mit Ocw offers over 1500 Mit courses in 34 thematic areas. Within the Political Science domain it provides 60 courses. The website provides syllabi and teaching materials.


Courses and learning materials are provided by Mit faculties


Courses are structured through a syllabus, course descriptions, calendar, readings, assignments, sometimes discussion groups. Ocw materials include metainfo about their contents

Information density

Ocw offers over 1500 structured courses. Sometimes an e-course only provides few and introductory learning materials while others include developed lerarning units

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Political Science is one among 34 thematic areas. In this field, Ocw offers 60 courses

Updating Rate

Many courses date to the Fall semester 2004. Some of the older courses have been updated in the Spring semester 2005. However, the website appear to be currently updated