The Distance Education Clearinghouse


The website is maintained by the University of Wisconsin-Extension. It offers an easy access to a list of certificate programs available at the University of Wisconsin as well as a collection of distance learning resources.


The Distance Education Clearinghouse website is a project managed by the University of Wisconsin extension in collaboration with other University partners working on distance education


The website provides a collection of links to resources, papers, institutions and more, accompanied by detailed comments. Informative and rich-in-text material is provided along with a clear metainfo design

Information density

Distance Education Clearinghouse offers a large amount of information about introduction to distance education, programs and courses, technology, teaching and learning, research and statistics about distance learning

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The website is focused on the field of distance learning without reference to Political Science. Anyway, it offers a selection of courses and programs in all disciplinary areas

Updating Rate

The website is usually monthly updated. Particularly, it provides new items about distance learning every month