The Gateway to Educational Materials


Gem provides various typologies of resources including lesson plans, webcourses, best practices, projects. A set of standards to include and present new materials is available. Resources are evaluated by authoritativeness, quality and availability.


The Gem is an initative of the US Department of Education. Consortium members range from government agencies to educational institutions and individuals, from non-profit to commercial organizations


Gem provides a variety of educational resource types from activies and lesson plans, to courses and communities. All resources are accompanied by metainfo and comments and, less often, by multimedia files

Information density

Gem catalogue contains detailed descriptions of over 40.000 educational resources provided by various internet sites, covering many subjects (e.g. arts, educational techonology, language, mathematics, science, social studies, vocational education and many others)

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Gem offers over 13.000 resources in the social studies area, including Political Science. However, their presence appears to be quite marginal

Updating Rate

The website is very frequently updated