As a not-for-profit organization providing material from a pool of partners focused on innovation in learning, this website is well organized and offers a comprehensive collection of resources and tools; always up-to-date and very well designed.


Mostly focused on the UK landscape, this not-for-profit project draws info, practices and resources from a pool of partners aimed at developing innovative ideas to maximize the use of ICT for any learning purposes


A great level of information (both in quality and quantity) is provided throughout the site, distributed in several areas and topics very well designed: articles, research reports, discussion papers, presentation and literature reviews are available

Information density

The FutureLab website provides a comprehensive collection of well-presented and rich-in-text material, covering such topics as digital divide, innovative tools and experimental projects in elearning

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Aiming at transforming the way people learn through an innovative use of ICT, this project is a great resource for PS students and scholars as well

Updating Rate

The overall content is quite up to date, including papers, reports and upcoming events; users can also join a mailing list to receive free updates and a hard copy newsletter