A rich and stimulating learning environment based on interactive tools, multimedia material and social networking options. With clearly divided areas/pages, so far OpenLearn hosts a dozen of topics divided in many units, most providing daily updates.


Gathering interactive and multimedia material from different sources, OpenLearn provides a rich and stimulating learning environment thus underlying its open approach to distance education by using the well-known Moodle platform


Aiming at university-level education, OpenLearn features clearly divided areas and pages. Courseware and general information are very well presented and highly integrated, from interactive Google maps to chat areas and fora to the comprehensive material encompassing each learning unit

Information density

Currently a dozen topics/courses are available, with many units for each of them. A newsletter, user comments and other useful info are strategically situated in the homepage

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Beside the specific disciplines "taught" in this website, the project itself could be a case study for PS studies and for opening up a lifelong education around the world

Updating Rate

Most units are slightly updated and/or modified each day, while the entire site shows sign of frequent updates -- including user comments and generated content