IMS Global Learning Consortium


A very professional site providing plenty of networked information, articles and research papers on the development of technology-based learning practices worldwide. Divided in many areas, pages, and layers, the general content is always up-to-date.


Drawing from a variety of sources, this website provides a high-qualified content managed by a professionally team. Its main categories (such as Specifications, Activities, Learning Impact) are then divided in dozens of subcategories and areas


Different kinds of information is provided throughout the website, with many areas and layers to navigate in order to reach the desired page. A wide collection of pages for technical specifications and other activities provides a rich, deep overview of the general project as well as research content and findings

Information density

The site main features is a large collection of updated articles, presentations, and papers about best practices in the use of technology to impact learning worldwide

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Aimed at providing the best information on technology-based learning and practices, this website has fair relevance for anybody involved in PS teaching

Updating Rate

Articles and presentations are updated frequently, as well as the whole website, in particular its calendar about upcoming selected conferences and workshops