Virtual Educa


This portal draws info from several sources to provide a good and well-organized overview of e-learning, education and cooperation in the Spanish-speaking world, along with updated news on events and projects happening particularly in Latin America.


Based on an International network of academic institutions and gathering material from several sources, this portal provides an extensive overview of the many issues related to e-learning and its growing importance in Latin America


Visually very rich, this site features several layers of information along different content structures: from basic infos, news and blog articles to VE-related initiatives all over Latin-American countries. Also included links to inter-networked projects, such as the observatorio and the mediateca

Information density

Virtual Educa provides plenty of info layers and sections about events, projects and tools related to IT in education, training, cooperation -- with particular attention the Spanish-speaking world, often forgotten in the scientific community

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering current issues and news about such broad topics as e-leaning and cooperation, this portal provides plenty of resources for anybody interested in PS online teaching and related matters

Updating Rate

News items and upcoming events have a central relevance in the homepage, while overall the entire site content seems to be quite up to date