Conceived as a workspace, Questia is a comprehensive environment that works as an online filing cabinet where users can organize their researches, thus having extremely rich and powerful learning tools at their fingertips.


Professional librarians select the online library's content by including books and journals from many relevant academic and commercial publishers


The entire content of the online library is available to subscribers in full text with research and paper-writing tools

Information density

66,000 books and 1.000,000 articles in the social sciences and humanities can be found in the online library, as well as over 120,000 magazine articles and over 159,000 newspaper articles

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Politics and government are among the covered disciplines, along with some related areas: such as sociology, anthropology, economics, law, etc.

Updating Rate

Questia online library is regularly updated with new issues from journals, magazines, newspapers, and with publication of new books