Annenberg Classroom


Gathering info and resources from several partner organizations, this website provides plenty of learning tools and updated material about the US current affairs, distributed under several categories, sub-categories and sections easy to navigate.


The Annenberg Classroom project, created in 2001, is managed by the Annenberg Foundation with the cooperation of its partner institutions


Information is well organized under several categories, sub-categories and sections. Overall this Classroom provides a vast collection of inter-related info and resources. In many instances audio and video files are provided (in Windows Media formats) as well as pdf and text formats

Information density

A great amount of content and tools are spread throughout the site pages. This website gathers content and resources from several partners

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering in detail such issues as Civil and Individual Rights, the Government structure and the Constitution, this site is a valuable resource for studying the current internal affairs in the US as a whole

Updating Rate

Links to new material are posted here as soon it becomes available on each partner website, and usually is quite up-to-date both for live events and educational resources (lesson plans, data, videos, etc.)