eLearning Papers


Aimed at promoting the use of ICT for lifelong education in Europe, this website content is well distributed under an effective tree-based structure, with many articles, summaries and reviews regularly updated.


The eLearning Papers initiative is sponsored by the European Commission and is closely related to the portal elearningeuropa.info


The general content is well distributed in a few information layers and is offered usually in pdf format

Information density

This website provide access to article summaries and the entire Papers issue (published five times a year), to the monthly newsletter and to the community pages with interviews, fora, and other resources

Content Pertinence to Political Science

This website content addresses a variety of issues somewhat related to PS studies in the EU: e-learning trends and innovation, training practices and localised projects and activities

Updating Rate

While each issue is published every 2-3 months, the single abstract and articles are posted online as soon as they become available after the peer-review process