China Open Resource for Education


Since its launch in 2002, the MIT OpenCourseWare has become the world model of educational sharing. CORE is a major project born from that initiative and following its open content methodology. Excellent info density (1,100 courses) and updating rate.


CORE is a partecipating institution of the OpenCourseWare Consortium, aimed at fostering open content development and sharing through academic institutions worldwide


The website's general content is distributed through various layers. Basic information about the CORE project, link listings and several kinds of full-text teaching material are available, from syllabi to individual lessons, from readings to bibliographies, webresources and assignments

Information density

Due to its extremely rich contents, the CORE website is a valuable starting point for Mandarin-speaking students to locate useful learning material worldwide

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Although the website is not specifically devoted to Political Science, users can find many interesting material related to this discipline and to social sciences at large

Updating Rate

The website is continuously updated. At the end of 2006, over 300 new courses has been added to the CORE platform. 1,500 units are planned to be stored by the end of 2007