Political ReviewNet


This site features a large amount of material dating back from 2001 and regularly updated. Reviews and articles are excerpted from several journals specialized in PS issues, also covering the International scene.


Set up and maintained by Blackwell Publishing Group, Political Reviewnet is an access service tailored to its academic audience


A large database of International PS book reviews from 18 specialized journals published by Blackwell Publishing. Items are organized in three main categories: National, transnational and regional politics; International relations, Public administration and policy

Information density

With over 750 book reviews from journals and reference books annually added, a fair quality and quantity of information is guaranteed, including direct links to each featured journal

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Most reviews have a very high pertinence to PS and related topics, particularly in the International context

Updating Rate

Several new reviews are uploaded every 3-4 months. A more frequent and flexible updating rate would be more appropriate for such a complex website