C-SPAN Classroom


Info and resources here provided are drawn from the C-SPAN video archive, covering current affairs of US politics through a fair amount of courseware and tools tailored (and regularly updated) for educators and teachers


C-SPAN is a member of Cable in the Classroom (CIC), the U.S. cable industry's education foundation. A special education division is responsible for content selection and packaging


Information - mostly as video resources and worksheets - is organized under a basic classification structure, with several areas devoted to specific topics (U.S. Constitution, Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, etc.) and internal matters (FAQ, bullettin, etc.)

Information density

Based essentially on video material - dozens of clips while thousand of more content-rich videos are also available from the C-Span main website - overall this site provides a fair amount of courseware and tools tailored for educators

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering current affairs of US politics, including such topics as political participation, the site general content is closely associated with the PS field

Updating Rate

The site's content is regularly updated, particularly the "bulletin" section with news, stories and pictures about how video clips are being used in classrooms in the USA. The video-clips archive is updated on a weekly basis