e-Learning Centre


With a great Resource Area, divided into five categories, and covering resources on a variety of topics related to e-learning in general, this site provides valuable information and has a great updating rate, particularly for events and reviews.


The e-Learning Centre operates as a virtual office, but its reference point is its chief editor, Jane Knight, who has also the responsibility for the content selection


Throughout the site information is presented under a structured and well-organized format. Grown quickly from a bookmark file to a comprehensive collection of links and resources, this website provides various materials: record abstracts and annotations, full-text publications, research reports and case studies, e-learning guides and technical terms glossary

Information density

A good amount of resource information is spread out in this website, with different layers of meta-data and several pages of useful material

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering resources on such various topics as Europe and e-Learning, Social Software, and news RSS feed, this site is a great resource for the e-learning field and more in general for PS studies

Updating Rate

Overall the site shows a very high updating rate, including events, news and reviews of blogs and vblogs about e-learning throughout the world