Zogby International


The Zogby International website provides a great collection of nested webpages, rich in multimedia data and always with current information. Polls, surveys and news about US and other world areas are offered along with other professional services.


This online version of the professional and business services provided by Zogby International has a corporate management based in US but with activities and staff in other countries


As a whole, this complex website shows a great collection of nested webpages and enables a rich and informative structure with integrated archives storing records in different formats, form text to audio/video files

Information density

By providing audio/video commentaries, polls and researches, a variety of news items on current topics as well as data from different and networked sources, ZI offers to the general public a good quantity of records

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The ZI website's content can satisfy anybody interested in current political affairs

Updating Rate

Being a worldwide professional company, Zogby website provides material always new and up to date