Mannheim Centre for European Social Research


Providing access to plenty of research material (papers, publications, data, abstracts, etc.) drawn from academic sources on the European integration process, the site content has a multi-layered structure and it is quite dynamic.


The Center for European research is managed by an experienced and active staff based at Mannheim University. Content material is drawn from academic sources


Overall the site's information is well organized in different categories/pages (publications, projects, data, etc.) making it easy to successfully navigate through its structure

Information density

Covering issues related to European integration process, this site provides plenty of research papers, publications and data drawn from academic and other sources

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering such topics as history, current research and data about European integration (plus more related material), this site sets itself as a good resource for PS research - and also for anybody interested in keeping himself up to date

Updating Rate

While staff publications and other material is a bit outdated, lots of content is nevertheless valuable from an historical point of view; lectures and other public events are promptly upload in their section