Instituto Nacional de Estudios Políticos


Limited to Mexico and mostly focused on historical perspectives, the INEP site features a great amount of documents organized as a digital archive/library and provided by members and scholars or from institutional sources.


As an independent and volunteer-based association, most of its content is provided by its members and scholars or is drawn from institutional sources


The whole content is organized under several categories and sub-categories, with a simple architecture for the various archives where data are stored

Information density

The INEP site gathers articles, book reviews, abstracts and research papers related to Mexico's social, political and historical life. Set up as a digital archive/library, this site contains a great amount of material covering important topics, such as historical documents (from 1821 on), current political structures and plenty of social and economic issues

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The historical content is very valuable to understand the history and politics of Mexico and surely useful for PS scholars

Updating Rate

Clearly some areas deserve an update (such as the "About" pages) although most documents have an historical perspective