The Cook Political Report


An important resource for PS scholars and anybody interested in current US politics, this online report covers online all US elections since 1998 and features a structured Information outline and a great updating rate.


Founded by Charles Cook, long time political analyst for the National Journal Group, this online report is managed by a professional staff based at Washington, D.C.


A series of columns and categories define the entire website, providing a well-organized body of information and data. A few nested layers of records are available in different archives

Information density

This website provides detailed analyses of all U.S. Congress and gubernatorial races. A remarkable quantity of info about the US political landscape since 1998, polls, and on-going narrative analysis of electoral races are offered

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering a wide range of political analysis, this website is an important resource for the PS field and anybody interested in current US issues

Updating Rate

New items and commentaries are posted very frequently