Online Library of Liberty


With a well-organized content and its two sections (library and forum) this website provides access to about 1,000 titles of (mainly historical) records related to individual freedom, with new additions posted regularly.


Part of the Liberty Fund's educational programs, this website is professionally managed and is part of the main website of Liberty Fund foundation


This website features a highly developed structure with archives storing records in different formats (html, pdf, text)

Information density

With almost 1,000 books and scores of other content, the OLL covers a great variety of subjects related to individual freedom. It provides electronic versions of classic books about individual liberty and some additional historical/philosophical material

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Providing mostly classical and historical content, this website may be useful as a background source for PS scholars

Updating Rate

New additions are posted quite regularly, and are easy to spot thanks to a specific link placed in the home page