International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics


A great networked resource providing a remarkable quantity of relevant info about current political affairs concerning women in politics with an excellent updating rate. The website features an integrated series of nested data-sets.


A professional team is in charge of this networked effort involving such major institutions as the United Nations Development Programme and the Inter-Parliamentary Union


A very sophisticated level of data and information is evenly spread throughout this website. Several layers of info are nested in comprehensive data-sets, with clearly recognizable categories/areas

Information density

A very good quantity of informations, news, commentaries, academic articles and papers as well as reports on women in politics from all over the world are provided in this website

Content Pertinence to Political Science

This is a great resource for many current affairs and topics mostly related to women's political representation around the world

Updating Rate

New items are posted regularly, especially in the news and upcoming events sections. A news aggregator keeps track of new item by the hour