International Committee of the Red Cross


An important always up-to-date website for both PS scholars and the general public, with a well-presented info structure, covering current issues in hot world areas and providing plenty of news, publications, and reports on the Red Cross activities.


A worldwide network of staff members, helpers, reporters and associated provides plenty of current news and exclusive content


Drawing from different sources, the entire content is very well integrated and organized under categories, quick links, top-down menus and other interactive options in a complex multi-layered information structure

Information density

This website provides a huge quantity of info (reports, documentation, photos, films, databases) along with important updates about the ICRC many services and activities worldwide

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering current war-related and humanitarian aid issues around the world, this website is certainly important for the PS studies field and the general public as well

Updating Rate

Field reports, news/events and many other sections are always updated to the last minute