With plenty of studies and analyses about current and recent US events, is a valuable resource for the general public as well as for professionals and academics, providing a great combination of research content and practical tools.


Managed by an experienced team of professionals, this site is a great tools to improve professional journalisms and, more important, to bring it closer to its audience


Mostly focused on research projects in media studies, this site features a series of layers of data. Overall, info is organized under a comprehensive and intuitive structure providing such material as briefing, research papers and reports

Information density

Current news reports and analysis are well integrated with papers, studies and tools, thus providing a great combination and amount of content targeting both professionals and scholars

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering research and studies about current/recent US news (from elections to hurricane aftermath to politics and technology), this site provides a deal of precious material to anyone interested or involved in PS studies

Updating Rate

Covering the journalism realm, the site does a great job in keeping users constantly up-to-date about most important topics on politics, society and culture in the US scene