The Living Room Candidate


This is a strictly mono-thematic site using an innovative and exciting approach, with a simple info structure and a historical approach, thus providing excellent overview and background about US Presidential campaigns and activities.


Professionally managed by the American Museum of the Moving Image, this online exhibition collects video material from various sources, such as political and electoral committees, libraries and archives. Many original files have been provided by the University of Oklahoma Political Commercial Archive


Being a mono-thematic site focused on addressing a single topic with an innovative and exciting twist (TV commercials and apperances related to US Presidential campaigns and activities), this website presents a simple but structured outline, based on a video-annotation format

Information density

With more than 250 TV commercials (beginning in 1952) and more recent appearances, the site offers a good volume of info and multimedia material

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Although limited to US Presidential campaigns and activities, the site content can provide useful overview and background for PS students and scholars worldwide

Updating Rate

Dealing essentially with US institutional affairs, overall the site has a historical approach and scope, with some updates related only to the specific topic covered in the various sections