Ash Institute


With its specific focus on democratic governance and government innovation, this website provides a fair quantity of info about the center's activities as well as full-text research material deriving from the Institute and affiliates researchers.


The website is managed by a group of scholars devoted to this project and to the Institute's core topics


Research materials and information are organized in various archives, ranging from annotations and comments to complete records. Usually full-text documents are provided and some photo or video items are also retrievable

Information density

The website informs on the center's activities, programs and upcoming events. Research material (articles, papers and links to related websources) are also provided. In addition a books archive provides abstracts, tables of contents and sample readings

Content Pertinence to Political Science

New forms of governance, government practices and democratic performances are all topics strongly related to Political Science

Updating Rate

Research material is added on a monthly basis. News section is updated every three or four months