Consortium on Qualitative Research Methods


The website provides a fair number of authoritative and qualified research and teaching records about qualitative methods in the social sciences.


The website is managed by a group of academics and political scientists


Webpages show detailed annotations. Many records are provided full-text while others only as title or reference lists

Information density

Syllabi and working papers are provided as well as information about the Consortium and its activities: members'bibliographies, news on upcoming events, application forms and seminar schedules. APSA section panels on qualitative methods are also listed with full-text retievable papers

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The Consortium's interests are focused on qualitative methods and their members are mainly political scientists. Pertinence to political science as well as to other social sciences is therefore very high

Updating Rate

Information about teaching activities are added every year while publications are posted on the web less regularly and according to research timing