Marxists Internet Archive


With its impressive quantity of full-text material, this website represents a point of reference for scholars devoted to the study of Marxism. Webpages are offered in several languages.


This website is managed on a volunteer basis by a non-profit organization


Efficient organization and precise classification are given for a large set of records. Content is presented in several languages, provided of annotations as well as full-texts and deep linking structure

Information density

A large digital library on Marxism, with detailed biographies of Marxist authors, as well as a list of bibliographical references and historical documents. Contents are also collected in a wider project, the Encyclopedia of Marxism, also entirely accessible

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Plenty of material of interest for history and social sciences related research

Updating Rate

This website does not have a high updating rate. Yet in a specific website section news are added every two or three days