Oxford Internet Institute


Based on a well-organized and highly structured approach, this website provides a great amount of information on issues related to internet and society and for internal activities as well, with prompt updates for latest news and forthcoming events.


Based in a department at the University of Oxford, the OII website provides comprehensive information at the institutional level. A small but professional communication team is responsible for content selection and publication


Based on a well organized and highly structured approach, the OII website features a multi-layered information format. Users can access briefs, papers, research reports and selected publications, both as abstracts and in full-text format; some live webcasts of events and conferences are also available

Information density

A good amount of information is spread throughout the site, with a fair and even distribution. The content quality and quantity is a confirmation of the excellence level achieved by OII in teaching and research activities

Content Pertinence to Political Science

As part of the Social Sciences Division of the University of Oxford and addressing issues related to the Internet and society, OII is a quite useful resource for PS scholars and students

Updating Rate

This site provides a great updating rate, particularly for latest news and forthcoming events related to the multidisciplinay activities of the Institute