Hoover Institution


With its specific focus on public policy, the website provides info on the institute's research activities. Many different research materials and formats are offered like journal articles, reports, and essays.


The website is managed by a group of scholars related to and based at the Stanford University


Well-organized webpages provide classification and metainfos for a good number of records in different formats. A complex archive is also organized to store and make different records retrievable

Information density

The site offers detailed infos on the institute's activities, its programs and staff, as well as a rich amount of full-text papers and many other research materials. For e-books only descriptions and tables of contents are provided

Content Pertinence to Political Science

This website is strictly related to political science as well as to other social sciences disciplines. The Hoover journals have a specific focus on public policies, and many other related issues

Updating Rate

The webiste is frequently updated and revised, according with research timing. News are added on a daily basis