Center for International Development


Records and research material are provided in various formats. Research reports, working papers, metadata on each item as well as info about the center's activity are organized in several archives and frequently updated.


The website is managed by a group of academics related to the Harvard University


Records available on this website are provided in a large range of formats, from text to audio/video multimedia formats, and organized in clear categories, along with abstracts, annotations and metadata

Information density

This website provides full descriptions of the current research programs, research material such as reports, working papers series, some digital books, datasets, national and international statistical webresources as well as info about the center's members, their interests and publications

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The center aims at fostering interdisciplinary studies on sustainable development. Hence its focus is not entirely on political science although governmental issues are crucial

Updating Rate

Records are added every two or three months. A section devoted to news on upcoming events is updated more frequently, even on a weekly basis