Parlit, Parline and Women in Politics


The IPU provides three interesting databases giving bibliographical info on books and articles on specific PS topics related to National Parliaments worldwide. A most useful reference tool for legislative and research studies, always up to date


Information is provided by national Parliaments and updated by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the international organization of Parliaments of sovereign States established in 1889


This website provides only bibliographic references on books and journal articles according to the project focus - drawn from several databases (Parline, Parlit, Women in Politics, etc.)

Information density

Even is the amount of covered periodicals and publications is not so extensive, the specificity and difficulty to find of the provided info provide users with an added value

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Here we have some very valuable databases quite relevant for PS studies and some of the discipline subfields

Updating Rate

While on-line access to Parlit database is currently limited to 1992, Parline and Women in Politics are updated on a regular basis and overall the site is always up to date