Center for Governmental Studies


This site collects a large amount of material related to elections and campaign financing, media reform and citizen participation. A staff of professionals from public and private organizations, and universities produces and manages its contents.


The main issues presented on the website are selected by a professional network with researchers and public-private organizations


Information is structured in the three main research areas - political reform, media and civic participation, sustainable communities - each of its is organized in categories, well presented with related projects and links to a more complex and full-text archive

Information density

The website offers a rich number of information, also in historical perspective, from articles and proceedings to book reviews. The most part of documents is about campaign financing and elections

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Political Science is the main area of this website. Political scientists interested in governmental studies and election as well as those concerned about democratic participation can find here useful material

Updating Rate

The CGS website is updated on a monthly basis. The last news are available at the homepage, while a bi-monthly newsletter and a periodic e-bulletin provide a substantive coverage of latest reports and project