The Jean Monnet Project


Covering key areas as European integration and international law, along with courses and fellowship info about the NYU Law School, this site offers a well-organized and rich-in-content documentation, with a timely updating rate.


This website groups several kinds of contents related to the Jean Monnet Center at the NYU School of Law. It is professionally managed by five local experts, the Jean Monnet Center Team


Information is presented under a well organized but simple structure, also making a good use of submenus and browsing options. Working papers, courses and fellowships info as well as EU integration material and book reviews are usually offered in full-text format

Information density

Among other data, the site offers access to more than one hundred journals relevant in European integration's topics

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering such issues as European integration and international judicial matters (i.e., about NAFTA, the EU and the WTO) among others, the site's content targets PS scholars and students worldwide

Updating Rate

The site's updating rate varies for the different areas: while most recent working papers are dated 2005, journals about European integration are up-to-date