With its specific focus on European studies, this website represents a good opportunity to locate research material, especially working papers. Information about the center's scientific activity with an excellent updating rate is also provided.


Although the Center is engaged in several international networks, the website is managed by a small group of scholars


The webpages present rich annotations and comments. Many working papers are full-text available while for other publications only references are provided

Information density

The website offers plenty of information about the center, its main interests and projects. It also provides a good number of full-text working papers and references for reports and proceedings, as well as access to pertinent websources and to a common archive of working papers

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The Center's research is focused on the ongoing political developments in Europe. Hence its website shows high pertinence to political science

Updating Rate

Events such as conferences, seminars, lectures, dissertations as well as other news concerning the center are signaled on a weekly basis. Working papers are posted on the web monthly