The Independent Institute


The Indipendent Institute website gives access to a considerable amount of research material and info on several public policies and many related topics with an excellent updating rate. The webpages can be read in two languages.


A staff composed by researchers with an adequate expertise manages the website of this private Institute, located in Oakland, California


Records are classified by issues and presented with precise annotations. Records are stored in simple archives and available in various formats. Webpage are offered in two languages, English and Spanish

Information density

The website collects papers, reports, articles and books, as well as info on the institute's activities and news on recent and upcoming events. Access is also offered to all issues of the Institute's academic journal and to the center's newsletters

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Devoted to public policies studies, this website shows high pertinence to political science

Updating Rate

Updating rate depends on reserch timing and in some sections it is particularly frequent. News are added every two weeks