Index to Legal Periodicals & Books


The coverage of this Index is quite rich and informative, with content spanning from scholarly articles to International publications to court decisions and legislation. Recommended for academic and large public libraries.


Created and supported by a large publishing corporation (HW Wilson), this website is clearly managed by professionals and experts willing to guarantee a high level of user satisfaction


The Index features a large amount of information always well organized and presented - from Toc to full-text - with a professionally-designed structure that enables in-depth analysis at any level

Information density

This database features a vast array of information, including full text of nearly 270 selected periodicals; indexes of over 1000 legal journals, university and government publications, etc.;

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Mostly devoted to all sorts of law-related issues, this database is nevertheless a good resource for anyone involved in the PS field

Updating Rate

The indexes and headings are regularly updated to keep the pace of new law rules, with several records and reviews updated even daily