The National Opinion Research Center


The website presents a fair quantity of information, metadata, explanations and data about surveys conducted by the Center. Records about research projects and surveys are largely annotated and many records and data are retrievable


The Center is a US national organization with offices in Chicago and Washington and with several cooperations with other research institutes


Info and metadata are largely provided for each record. Comments and explanations are also provided for a good number of items. For each research project a detailed description is retrievable in various formats, including audio-visual presentations

Information density

The website serves as an archive providing records, data, metadata and summary articles on social surveys and offering connections to external websources. Info about the center's activities and research studies are also available

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The center focuses its research interests into five areas: economics and population; education; health survey; mental health and criminal justice; and statistics and methodology, which can be of interest also for political scientists

Updating Rate

The updating rate depends on research publication date, but the general content seems quite recent