The Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences


Contents on the centre's activities and publications are provided full-text with annotations and abstracts, along with general information and latest news about events and researches in progress.


The Centre staff consists in a small group of researchers with an adequate professional background in European development studies


Research reports and working papers are available. They are provided with abstracts and project's acronym, and are sorted by year and author. For books references, abstracts and book-cover images are provided. Sometimes article abstracts are also present

Information density

Detailed information about the Centre, its members, and its research topics are offered. Moreover, abstracts, research papers, reports, upcoming events and book presentations are retrievable

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Political Science and other social sciences related topics are the research focus of this Centre. Its research programme is multidisciplinary and covers four main areas: social policy analysis and social structures and integration; society, technology and research; environment and sustainability; transport policy evaluation and analysis

Updating Rate

Last reports and papers are published online according to the projects'work in progress, while info about events and related materials are usually submitted more frequently