Istituto Cattaneo


The Cattaneo website provides detailed information on its research activities as well as data archives on issues concerning Italian politics and society. Its contents can be retrieved in several formats and show an overall good updating rate.


The Cattaneo foundation is located in Bologna (Italy) and its website is managed by the same Institute staff who is also in charge for selecting and updating its content


Contents are organized in several categories and stored in different archives, partly directly available. Records can be retrieved in several formats, mainly html, pdf and xls. Information and rich metadata are also provided

Information density

The website provides detailed information about the Institute's activities and research projects. Data archives with electoral, social, governmental and political data are also available

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The Cattaneo foundation enhances and produces a rich variety of research in the social sciences, especially sociology and political science. It is therefore a reference point for researchers interested in Italian politics

Updating Rate

The overall updating rate is good, being performed every couple of months to add news, research reports, new publications, etc. Some sections are instead less frequently updated