Freedom House


This website content is always up-to-date about international affairs, human rights and freedom, from general overviews to in-depth analysis. It provides reports, analysis and data gathered from various sources and organized in several sections.


With headquarters in the US and many office worldwide, Freedom House has its core center in Washington, DC. Its board is composed of business and labor leaders, former senior government officials, scholars, writers, and journalists


Organized under clearly defined sections the website content offers a very structured overview on current events and news worldwide. Some records are available both in pdf and html versions, while others can be displayed on-screen or as a text file

Information density

A great level of information is available in each section, from general summaries of the front page to in-depth analysis of its many reports. Also provided are detailed reports for 193 countries, comparative charts and other data

Content Pertinence to Political Science

With its focus on current affairs all over the world, this website is a great resource for anybody interested in PS issues

Updating Rate

The overall content is perfectly up-to-date, particularly for news, events and press releases